Changing the beta-group-significance q-value correction?

When conducting pairwise comparisons, beta-group-significance corrects for the p-value using Benjamini & Hochberg (as answered in this QIIME2 thread). Is there any way to change the correction method? I didn't see any parameters to do so in the QIIME2 doc for this plugin.

More context: I was hoping to utilize Bonferroni's as this is a much more conservative method and also wanted to be consistent as this is what I used when conducting ANCOM-BC. These are different analyses but I wanted to keep using a more conservative method of correction across all my analyses if possible. Benjamini & Hochberg is in the middle of the pack in terms of more liberal vs. conservative methods of correction from my understanding.


I am not aware if such functionality exists, but as a workaround if no one will suggest a better way you always can take raw p-values from pairwise comparisons and adjust them in python, r or probably even online.


That's a great workaround, thanks!!