Beta-group-significance q-value correction ?

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I have a question regarding beta_group_significance with PERMANOVA followed by pairwise comparisons. Which method does Qiime2 use to correct the p-value (which becomes a q value) for multiple comparisons? I can’t find that in the documentation of beta_group_significance or in the original paper (Anderson MJ, 2001). Does anybody know if this is an FDR correction using Bonferroni, Benjamini & Hochberg or other?

Additionally, in order to obtain R-squared values for each test I perform, do I need to run adonis? How is that different from just running beta_group_significance using PERMANOVA?

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Benjamini & Hochberg


Same test, but a different implementation. beta_group_significance uses the scikitbio implementation and generates some neat visualizations but only one-way permanova. adonis uses the vegan adonis implementation in R and supports multi-way permanova but doesn’t generate the neat visualizations.

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