Can't import Greengenes taxonomy

Hi Good day I face similar problem describe above and follow the recommendation of specifying the the source format as --source-format HeaderlessTSVTaxonomyFormat however, similar problem has occeured. I am using greengenes 99 taxonomy.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @Mike26! Can you please provide the following information so that we can help you?

  1. What version of QIIME 2 are you running? Run qiime info to find that info.
  2. What is the exact command you’re running, and what is the full error message you’re receiving?
  3. Can you post the first few lines of your Greengenes 99% taxonomy file? 10 lines should be plenty.


Hi @jairideout Thanks for the reply. it was typo error.

i typed --source-format HeaderLessTSVTaxonomyFormat instead of --source-format HeaderlessTSVTaxonomyFormat.


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