can someone help me to decide in denoising this paired end sequence

i am a beginer in using qiime2 and i have some doubt in it. can you suggest me on what basis i have to denoise this paired end
demux-paired.qzv (316.0 KB)
also my sole purpose of doing this is to perform a metagenome prediction in picrust. so do i have to rarefy or build relative abundance before implementing this feature table into picrust.(Note: i am using picrust in a new environment)

Hello Mathi,

Welcome to the forums! :qiime2:

Thanks for posting the demux-paired.qzv file. The quality looks good and you are off to a great start!

I opened the .qzv file with httpw:// and copied the image here:

How long is the amplicon you sequenced?

Have you tried running DADA2 already and what settings did you use?

Thanks for your reply

is this is what you are asking and i had tried running dada2 with turncat len f = 264 and turncat len r = 192. i dont whether this is correct or wrong

and this this the denoising stats i got after running dada2

We have the data we need!

Use this post to estimate how long your amplicon will be, and how much overlap you will get with f=264 and r=192.
(This should explain why the 'percent of input merged' is <20%.)

Looks like you have two samples. Do you have more samples or are you just starting with two?

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thankyou for your help and yes for now i am starting with just two

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