can I run anosim for interactions (two factors)?

Continuing the discussion from Adonis vs. Anosim vs. Permanova:

I checked your advice regarding the interaction of two factors using permanova, I used ANOSIM in my analysis so could I just stick to it in the interaction analysis also?
Thanks in advance


Hi @MarwaTawfik,
Could you elaborate on your question?

As you quoted, if you have multiple factors Adonis is probably the best approach for testing.

Many thanks for your response @cherman2 Chole
do you know when to use anosim generally speaking?
I used adonis (PERMANOVA) for general effects and interaction but I preferred to use ANSOIM for pairwise comparisons as it is more sensitive to location variation and correlation. What do you think?

Thanks in advance for your input.

Hi @MarwaTawfik,
Here is a discussion on research gate that might be able to answer your question:

Hope that helps!

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That helps, thanks so much, Chole. @cherman2

I think I could use both PERMANOVA and ANOSIM, the former for general effects and interactions and the latter for pairwise comparisons