biom add-metadata: merging feature table with taxonomy

Hello and good day, NEED URGENT HELP PLEASE. I am trying to merge my feature table created from DADA2 with its taxonomy but after i run the command the following error popup

my taxonomy.tsv file appears like this

Your help is highly appreciated

Hi @Zango,

maybe some command in the following thread could help you:

Other than that, how did you create 'obs_md.txt' file?


Thanks for the quick reply, I actually used taxonomy file as obs_md.txt' file

Hi @Zango,
did you try the command frm the thread Ilinked above?
Did it work?


Thank you, I tried it, it showed No data found in mapping file.

Hi @Zango,
let see, what files do you have in the path where you run the command? Do you have both 'obs_md.txt' as well as 'taxonomy.tsv'? (which are in fact the same file with tdifferent name?)
The error seems to point to an empty 'taxonomy.tsv' file, if I understand it well.

My other question is, how did you obtained the 'feature-table.biom'? Was it exported from the denoising artefact, or were filtered/processed in any way before the exporting step?


Thank you for prompt reply, I have taxonomy.tsv file but do not have obs_md.txt file. The feature-table.biom was obtained from DADA2 and exported as .biom file

Later on in that thread, we tried this and it worked for the last person.

Try that and report back!

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