Best test for a longitudinal study

I have data from 10 patients who were treated with a topical compound. I have 3-4 timepoints of sampling for each patient ranging from 0 to 6 weeks and I was hoping to examine dissimilarities in the microbial diversity over that period for each patient to see if the compound significantly altered the diversity.

What would be the best tests for this sort of analysis?

Hi @mradz,

Have you checked out our fabulous longitudinal data tutorial? You might also be interested gemelli.


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Hi yes I have read that tutorial. What tests would be best for looking at dissimilarities within patients over time? Would the volatility analysis be suitable?

Two tests are described in that tutorial: paired distances and first-distances. These will let you compare dissimilarities within subjects (and compare those distances between groups) either at specific intervals, or across time. The q2-longitudinal paper cited in there gives some more insight into using the first-distances method, so I recommend reading that for more details.


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