after diversity, compare between 2 samples

Hello, qiime users I have two questions. I really hope you can help me.

  1. I'm currently working on finding strains that differ between these two groups with disease and health data. So far, we've analyzed the diversity, and if there's another way to find a different strain, what kind of qiime tool should we do?

  2. The data I have is classified into 6 groups and there are about 5 samples per group.
    I'd like to compare here, for example, the difference between Sample 1 in Group 1 and Sample 3 in Group 2
    By the way, is it impossible to classify these two groups of samples in the ancom test? So how can we compare the difference in taxonomy or the difference between the two samples?

Alpha and beta university analysis alone was only able to make a rough judgment on the existence or degree of difference in the sample group, and I want to know more specific characteristics and strains that show differences, but it is difficult to solve. Please help me. Thank you.

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