Adding more configurations to taxa-bar-plots.qzv


After exploring the taxa bar plots for a while, I have one suggetion that I think will improve user experience.

Can users choose to show only part of the taxa so that we don’t need to download the csv file and make taxa-bar-plot elsewhere? For instance, top 10 or 20 taxa at the phylum or genus level are often shown in the publications instead of showing all taxa, which is visualy overwhelming. Additionally, we may want to see the distribution of certain taxa across different samples, say, the prevalence of contaminant sequences in different samples. Allowing users to plot the specific or a group of taxa will definitely help a lot in interpratating taxanomic compostion of biological samples.

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Thanks @yanxianl! These would certainly be great improvements to have for the taxa bar plots! To see a running list of some of our other ideas, please check out this issue list here!

We don’t have an ETA for any of these additions or enhancements, but we will update this post if and when your suggestions become available! Thanks! :t_rex:

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Just to add to what @thermokarst wrote: the functionality that you describe, @yanxianl, is a relatively straightforward use case and can currently be performed by filtering your feature table prior to generating barplots, without waiting for those additional features.

Use feature-table filter-features to set an abundance filter, or specify certain taxa.

Use taxa filter-table to include only certain clades or use feature-table filter-features with a list of taxa you want to keep as a metadata file. Either will include/exclude explicit groups/lists of taxa/features.

I hope that helps in the short-term until we add more features to barplots!


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