Zero readings according to Feature Data summaries¶

Hello everyone, try again to import the readings of each of my samples using DADA2, however in the summary of my readings after being filtered and joined, I found that in one of my samples I scored zero number of readings, someone Could you explain to me what was the reason why I got this result?

attached screen of my FeatureData summaries¶

Thank you very much


Hey @Nasute,

How many reads were available for DADA2 to use for that sample? (demux summarize has that info)

It’s possible that it was a failed sample (or perhaps CC_BC is supposed to be a blank?)

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Thanks for answering! @ebolyen

Thanks for answering!

What happens is that he is reviewing the readings and apparently, that sample (CC_BC) contains adapters that were not removed by the company with which he ordered to sequence, I do not know if that is what is influencing


Hey @Nasute,

That definitely explains why it looks different from the others, although the 0 is still a bit strange. Do you have the DADA2 output stats generated alongside this feature-table? It would explain where the reads disappeared. Alternatively, it’s possible demultiplexing failed further upstream if the adapters are still present, which would explain the zeros I think.

Either way, good thing you caught this and glad to hear it’s being worked out!

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