What is the proportion of metagenomics and 16S amplicon-sequencing usage in gut microbiome studies?

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I am looking for a very specific information, but I was unable to find it anywhere. Can you help me? Is there a review in the literature addressing how the proportion of metagenomics-based and 16S-based (gut) microbiome studies changed during the last decade? I am looking for something like this, but this is not ideal because there they focused on NIH-funded studies and they merged 16S+metagenomics when evaluating trends in types of methodology.

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Hello Vitor,

I wonder if we could approach this question by looking at data deposited into public repos?

Qiita, for example, supports 16S, metagenomic, and metatranscriptomic data and lists them under Preparation Data Types.

ENA also reports data like this, but I'm not sure it's in the format you want.

SRA also includes a [Strategy] tag so you could search for "metagenome"[Strategy] or "16S"[Strategy], but I'm not sure those are specific enough.

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Hi @colinbrislawn,

Thank you for the examples. Sounds great! If this info is not available yet, evaluating trends in methodology in public repos is definitely the way to go, which seems something really fun to do.