What is the difference between curl and wget? when to choose each? and why both are non working ?

I am watching sample metadata tutorial. I downloaded the metadata using URL but wanted to practice using wget or curl. I do not know the difference and do not know why both not working as in picture

As long as I can see, you haven’t used neither wget nor curl. You can try adding one of them before pasting the link in terminal.
Also, please copy and paste the code instead of sending screenshot of it since it is a text.
I hope this helps…


thanks what i need to use them? Do I need to download a program so I will be able to use curl or wget?

I thought I showed you how to get it here:

Not sure why you’re having this new problem? Ben

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thanks I will install this package

No, I mean I thought you did already, what happened to that installation? It may already be installed? Are you using a new computer? Did something happen to your old computer? Is this groundhog’s day? Up is down and down is up? Ben

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no I use same computer. I installed qiime 2 only 2019.7. I am not sure if wget and curl inside it

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They need to be installed at the base, do not install them inside the conda environment. Ben


thanks what at the base mean please

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It is simply at terminal, when you open it, before you launch qiime2, you should install home-brew and then the wget package there. Ben

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