What are the numbers in `taxa barplot` CSV file?

Hi @ebolyen,

Yeah, it finally worked when i removed that file in my input. Many thankssss for your help!

I am pretty new with Qiime, especially Qiime2, with the “qiime taxa barplot” command, Qiime2 generate a CSV file, could you explain me what the number mean? It does not look like percentage or number of reads? Please let me know if you are not clear with the questions.


Hi @Toan,
The values in the CSV file from qiime taxa barplot are read counts for each taxon.

If you are hoping to obtain relative abundance values that correspond to the bars shown in the barplot, see this post. We have an open feature request here to add download of relative abundance values so a one-click approach may be available in the future (for now see the commands listed in that other post).

I hope that helps!

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