What are the commonly used primers to amplify all bacterial 16SrRNA gene ?


Could you give the sequences of the commonly used universal forward and reverse primers to amplify all bacterial 16S rRNA gene (size estimated to 1500 bp) ?


Hello Meriem,

I've never sequenced the full-length 16S gene, but here are some resources I found:
Paper on the 16S hypervariable regions: Evaluation of 16S rRNA gene sequencing for species and strain-level microbiome analysis | Nature Communications
Summary of regions and some suggested primers from a company: https://help.ezbiocloud.net/16s-rrna-and-16s-rrna-gene/

Other notes:

  • Looks like when people talk about sequencing the 'full length' 16S gene, they do this with primers targeting V1–V9.
  • At the risk of stating the obvious, you can't have truly universal primers. They will always miss some things, or perhaps capture more than you wanted. Just doing some expectation management!