Warning starting DADA2

When running this command:

I get these warnings:

Can they be ignored?

Best wishes Rune

Hello Rune,

Thanks for posting. In general, warnings are a friendly reminder about possible issues, while errors are problems that needs to be fixed. Let’s see what the dada2 developers have to say about these warning, but for now you can continue with you analysis.

I’m glad to see you trying out Qiime 2. Keep in touch,


Hi @RuneGronseth! Just to add to @colinbrislawn’s reply: I’ve seen these warnings appear in many forum posts containing DADA2 output similar to what you have. I think they can be ignored – @benjjneb, does that sound right?

Related to this discussion, the upcoming release of QIIME 2 2017.12 will suppress many (or most) of those emitted warnings! This was added while we were upgrading the version of DADA2 that is shipped with QIIME 2.


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