Volatility Control Chart


I’m having hard time finding relevant information about volatility control charts. I’m trying things with RESCRIPt tutorial. I have trained a classifier for eukaryotic sequences with silva and this is the evaluation visualizer.

silva-138-no-species-labels-eukaryota-evaluation.qzv (431.6 KB)

Could someone tell me how to read such charts or share a link etc.?

Thank you all.

The help documentation provides more details:

$ qiime rescript evaluate-classifications --help
Usage: qiime rescript evaluate-classifications [OPTIONS]

  Evaluate taxonomic classification accuracy by comparing one or more sets
  of true taxonomic labels to the predicted taxonomies for the same set(s)
  of features. Output an interactive line plot of classification accuracy
  for each pair of expected/observed taxonomies. The x-axis in these plots
  represents the taxonomic levels present in the input taxonomies so are
  labeled numerically instead of by rank, but typically for 7-level
  taxonomies these will represent: 1 = domain/kingdom, 2 = phylum, 3 =
  class, 4 = order, 5 = family, 6 = genus, 7 = species.

And the y-axis is whatever “metric” you’ve chosen in the drop-down menu. The precision/recall/F-measure metrics are described here:


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