Volatility Control Chart visualizing issue

Dear developers!
When I am visualizing volatility_plot.qzv (Feature volatility) with big dataset and uncollapsed table I receive empty plot in vizualiser (I think, the problem just in visualizing in the browser).

If I do the same with smaller dataset everything is working. Also, I can collapse my table and its works as well.

And sometimes, plot just suddenly starts to collapse by itself without any actions from my side.

If I will resize my browser and then resize it back the view becoming normal again until I move mouse a little bit.
I encountered this problem many times on Chrome and FireFox. I also increased max memory limit in FireFox but still having the same issue.
In general, I received everything I wanted from those plots, just reporting this issue here.

Thanks for reporting @timanix!

Issue 1:

You are correct, this is a browser issue; if you have too much data in the volatility plot (e.g., too many features), then the browser will not load the visualization properly. Sounds like you figured out the solution: filter out features (e.g., collapse or filter out low-abundance features).

Issue 2:

This is a known bug that we plan to fix in a future release. Thank you for reporting!