Virtual Machine Tutorial Mistake?

Hello, I think this belongs here, but I’m not 100%.

I was updating my QIIME2 VM and noticed that the shared folder heading part of the tutorial is now named “Optional: Shared Folders and Copy-and-Paste” however in no part of the tutorial does it show you how to set up C&P’ing between VM and host machines.

Hopefully it can be added as its no hassle and would help new users a lot I am sure.


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Thanks for the note @Micro_Biologist! Copy-and-paste should actually be enabled by default after installing the guest additions, although I have noticed that that has varied in the past with different versions of VBox. Either way, I have opened an issue for us to expand this text in the docs in the future. If you are interested in submitting a Pull Request to add this change, we would love that! If not, no worries, someone will take a look at it at some point. Thanks! :t_rex:

Sorry I’m not sure what you mean by pull request?

I am happy to quickly write a text (and possibly picture) tutorial on how to do this should it not be enabled by default?

Pull Requests are how we communicate with the development team about proposed changes to the QIIME 2 code, including documentation.

For reference, here was the original Pull Request that introduced the Virtual Machines section of the QIIME 2 docs:

Thanks! :t_rex:

QIIME 2 2017.12 is now out and includes several updates to the VirtualBox installation docs!

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