Virtual box out of space — feature classifier error

Hello again,

Thanks a lot for your reply! So I tried to decrease chunk-size to 500, and set the flag --p-memory TEXT at the same time, but I encountered problems as follows:

  1. It seems that the flag --p-memory TEXT needs an argument.
  2. When I set the chunk size to 500, it did work! But I found a .vmdk file appeared in C:\Users\user\VirtualBox VMs\QIIME2\Snapshots, and the size of the file kept growing during the process. However, my disk C is not large enough for the file, so when the file ate up the rest space, the progress failed. So I tried to change the path of the default folder in VirtualBox settings, but the .vmdk file still appeared in same folder. I wonder what is the .vmdk file, and if there is a way to change the path of the folder the file generated?

Sorry that I forgot to attach the picture.

Hi there @XiaolanLin - apparently this parameter is not supposed to be present in this plugin, so I would recommend not using it. Please see this open issue for more details:

This file is your virtual machine, and depending on how you set up and configured the VM, you might see this file grow (and maybe shrink) over time. We don't develop the Virtualbox application, so you will need to consult their documentation on how to move or relocate an existing VM. I suspect you can move the files via windows explorer and then update the reference to the vmdk file in Virtualbox, but again, you will need to check their docs for details. Good luck! :t_rex:

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