Using q2-SCNIC or SECOM for correlate taxa and clinical variables

Hello everyone! :grin: I have been working with QIIME2 for a long time in clinical research, and I have always feared correlations between taxonomic data and the large number of laboratory variables that can be measured (whether lipids, serum inflammatory factors, etc.), due to the enormous problem which represent spurious correlations.

However, I am very happy that new compositional tools (such as Sparcc, SECOM or SCNIC) have been developed and even more so, have been successfully incorporated into QIIME2 :partying_face:

My question is, I would like to create a single data matrix that contains the taxa (collapsed to L6, for example), merge them with individual values of the analyzed subjects (IL-6 levels, so to speak) and import that matrix into a file tsv, and later a qza, to be analyzed by SCNIC. Is this workflow reasonable for establishing correlations between taxa that have passed the filter and Il-6 values, for example?

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This seems like a reasonable approach!
Let us know if you run into any issues.