Using BOLD database

Is this 2015 version of COI bold systems database enough for the analysis in 2023? What about the chance of missing taxonomy information added after 2015..?

Hi @Devika_Raj ,

If you check the BOLD website, it seems that the 2015 release is still the most current release package:

You could use the BOLD API to download more recent data, but to answer question:

Yes indeed you would miss newer records, but how much difference would it make? Has the taxonomy of your clade of interest changed that much since 2015? These are questions that I cannot answer — you will need to decide based on the biological question and clades of interest.

As an alternative, you could pull all current records of COI genes from NCBI (which I believe contains many of the same records present in BOLD)... see this tutorial:

Sorry for being late to the reply party :partying_face:
BOLD transitioned to the V3 referenced here to a V4 release some time ago. You can get a sense of their release schedule here.

Will it be worth it? Probably.
The original metrics on that V3 link above shows:

Release 6.50 - v1 (Dec-31-2015)
Sequences: 165,237
Specimens: 164,943

Whereas the 17-Feb-2023 release from V4 shows:

Sequences: 9,250,889
Specimens: 8,950,994	

You can get more download info from the V4 BOLD site here.

Happy downloading :slight_smile:

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