use qiime1 to generate barcode.fastq.gz before using qiime2 to analyze 16s RNA

Because the data include only paired-end sequences and sample information, I used qiime1( to generate barcode file.Then, could I use qiime2(version:2019.10.0) to demux?

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As far as I am aware. Both are different platforms. I suggest you complete all the process in Qiime 2 itself.


That is totally fine. I believe after using your data could be imported and demultiplexed using the EMP format protocols as described, e.g., in the moving pictures tutorial.

But where are the barcodes in the original sequences? If they are at the 5’ ends of the reads, you can follow this tutorial to import and process the data:

In general, if something can be done in QIIME 2 it would be best to keep the entire pipeline in QIIME 2 for the smoothest experience. But QIIME 2 is designed to support imports of data in various formats to support flexible pipelines… and QIIME 2 cannot do everything (e.g., support older formats where barcodes are in the header line, and for which is still a valid way to reformat the data prior to importing to QIIME 2).

Good luck!

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Thanks. After extract barcodes from the sequence using, the importing to QIIME2 has been done. Thanks again.

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