uploading data from qiime2 to qiita

Dear colleagues,
We would like to upload our raw fastq.gz demultiplexed ITS1 data to Qiita, in order to use it as repository for publications and also to share it with other researchers. Three simple questions:

  1. Can we upload the metada file in “qiime2 format”? (i.e., the same mapfile use for analysis in qiime2)
  2. Do we need to submit any pre-processed data? (I see that qiita admits biom files, but we used q2-DADA2 for our analysis, and appatently Qiita only expects Deblur and qiime1 closed-reference biom tables, if I am not wrong).
  3. In order to get the data stored in ENA repository as well: any example of a metada (qiita->ENA) that we could use? Or a tutorial somewhere?
    Thanks a lot!

Hi @ja.morillo,

qiita has various required metadata columns. I recommend checking the FAQs on the qiita website to see what these are. Format-wise yes it is a TSV file but qiita may require some specific column names that QIIME 2 does not.

I believe qiita expects the raw data, but check the website faqs to see what you can and cannot upload.

ENA has its own set of required metadata — see the qiita FAQs to see what these are, they will need to be added to enable ENA upload.

Good luck!

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