Updating ref-seq and table with modified metadata?

a short-answer question:

I have used a same metadata file for my all libraries (the IDs are same)! When I want to merge the ref-seq and tables, the libraries columns’ name would be same consequently, so it should not be happened! :sob: This is my fault!

I am looking for a way to update the ref-seqs and tables with the modified metadata files (different ID with others)! otherwise they will be mixed after merging then I will not be able to separate them! Is there any way? or I have to begin from scratch? :thinking: :roll_eyes:

Hello again @TurboQiimer,

For the feature table you can relabel the sample IDs using this method:

The sequences do not need to be relabeled if they are ASVs, since the sequence IDs are determined by the sequences themselves (if they are ASVs), and do not contain any sample ID information.

Both of these issues have been discussed elsewhere on the forum… I suggest searching around the archives if you need more guidance troubleshooting these specific issues.

Good luck!

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