Upcoming symposium on probabilistic microbial modeling

(Matthew Ryan Dillon) #42

The meeting is just getting started - the live stream is up and running!

(Jamie Morton) #43

We are now running live! There are issues Werth recording for today. We are looking into these issues for tomorrow

(Se Jin Song) #44

Reminder to everyone joining remotely: please make sure to mute your mic and turn off your video. Thanks!

(benjamin w.) #45

How can we get the stream sorry for the late response, clinic ran over.

(Evan Bolyen) #46

Just ended, but the next link for tomorrow is on the schedule in the original post.

Thanks @mortonjt for sharing this on the QIIME 2 forum! I really enjoyed the two talks today.

(Huang Lin) #47

@mortonjt Hi! Thanks for recording! I also wonder whether materials like slides will be available to us later? Thanks!

(Mehrbod Estaki) #48

In the event that all the recording of the talks failed today, I recorded a low quality version of the talks and am happy to share if need be. You’ll have to put up with random chat pop-ups and me scrolling around but it would be better than nothing:P


How to request for recording?


Thank you ! Share it please.

(Jinbing Bai) #51

Could you send the recording to us? Bing

(Mehrbod Estaki) #52

I’m going to pass the video on to @mortonjt and he will take care of editing/uploading it alongside with today’s segments (hopefully). Stay tuned.

(Huang Lin) #53

Thank you very much!

(benjamin w.) #54

Thanks, I’m finally in.

In case anyone registered but cannot find the link, just go back to edit your response and click on the link. I was then able to find the link and go on. Stream quality is very good.


(Marcela Villegas) #55

Hi all!!

Many thanks for this fabulous symposium… Could it finally be recorded? I missed a section and I would like to have the opportunity to repeat it.

Thank you so much!

(Josh Espinoza) #56

I am also interested in the live recording

(Betsy) #57

Hi Jamie (and UCSD folks),
Thanks again for organizing/holding the meeting. I am hoping to review some of the material covered, is there an ETA on when the recordings will be posted?


(Jamie Morton) #58

Hi @balford,

We have the recordings for Thursday uploaded here

We ran into issues with recording on Friday, but the slides will be posted here shortly

(Mel Melendrez) #59

watching them now! Thanks!

(Mel Melendrez) #60

My Blog on Pedadda’s talk - which was quite good with links to papers and methods he describes.

(Mel Melendrez) #61

And my blog on the sample space and structure talk with links to further reading, term definition etc because…math is daunting so having multiple links to understand how to think about compositional data analysis and sample space are helpful, at least for me.