Upcoming symposium on probabilistic microbial modeling

(Jamie Morton) #1

As a heads up, I’m organizing a symposium focused on discussing some of the outstanding statistical problems when analyzing microbiome data.

The full schedule and dates can be found here (in PST time): https://goo.gl/forms/UrRD36unb1r8Bx6O2

Note that we will posting links to a live stream soon so that anyone can watch and ask questions.

(Jose A. Morillo) #3

Thanks a lot for the iniciative. Is it possible to follow the symposium by streaming? Do we need to register for that? Greetings from Spain!

JA Morillo, CSIC, Spain.

(Matthew Ryan Dillon) #4

(Connor Howard) #5

I would also be interested in a live stream if available!
Connor Howard
University of Michigan

(Evan Bolyen) #6

(Amanda Zahorik) #7

Add in another vote for a livestream! Though I can’t make it in person, it sounds like a super informative session and I’d love to attend remotely.

(Evan Bolyen) #8

Don’t worry all, a live stream will be posted :wink:

(Md Zohorul Islam) #9

This is a great news! I will participate in the live stream from Copenhagen.


What time zone is this symposium? I’ll be watching the livestream!
Edit: is it in San Diego? So GMT-7?

(Matthew Ryan Dillon) #11

@mortonjt mentioned this:

Although I imagine they meant PDT, since California observes daylight savings time. So I think your assessment of UTC-7 sounds right to me!

(Jamie Morton) #12

We just added zoom links in the form. So stay tuned!


This is great news! I will join in the live stream.

(Toan Hong) #14

I would love to join the live stream too!

Thank you very much!

(Calliope Holingue) #15

This is fantastic! Do you know if the webinar will be recorded for folks to watch afterward? Thank you for organizing!!

(Mel Melendrez) #16

Very excited for this! Thanks for the links to the streams!


Cant wait, really appreciate the live stream!

(benjamin w.) #18

(Huang Lin) #19

Thanks for posting a live stream! I will attend remotely!

(Seta Park) #20

I would like to join in too. From NZ. Thanks for this opportunity.

(Amanda Zahorik) #21

Excellent, thank you for setting that up for those of us who can’t make it in person! Very much looking forward to this.