Upcoming symposium on probabilistic microbial modeling

As a heads up, I’m organizing a symposium focused on discussing some of the outstanding statistical problems when analyzing microbiome data.

The full schedule and dates can be found here (in PST time): https://goo.gl/forms/UrRD36unb1r8Bx6O2

Note that we will posting links to a live stream soon so that anyone can watch and ask questions.


Thanks a lot for the iniciative. Is it possible to follow the symposium by streaming? Do we need to register for that? Greetings from Spain!

JA Morillo, CSIC, Spain.


I would also be interested in a live stream if available!
Connor Howard
University of Michigan

Add in another vote for a livestream! Though I can’t make it in person, it sounds like a super informative session and I’d love to attend remotely.

Don’t worry all, a live stream will be posted :wink:


This is a great news! I will participate in the live stream from Copenhagen.

What time zone is this symposium? I’ll be watching the livestream!
Edit: is it in San Diego? So GMT-7?

@mortonjt mentioned this:

Although I imagine they meant PDT, since California observes daylight savings time. So I think your assessment of UTC-7 sounds right to me!


We just added zoom links in the form. So stay tuned!


This is great news! I will join in the live stream.

I would love to join the live stream too!

Thank you very much!

This is fantastic! Do you know if the webinar will be recorded for folks to watch afterward? Thank you for organizing!!

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Very excited for this! Thanks for the links to the streams!

Cant wait, really appreciate the live stream!

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Thanks for posting a live stream! I will attend remotely!

I would like to join in too. From NZ. Thanks for this opportunity.

Excellent, thank you for setting that up for those of us who can’t make it in person! Very much looking forward to this.