Upcoming symposium on probabilistic microbial modeling


Great! Is it possible to follow the symposium by webinar? Greetings from Burkina Faso

(Esra Mescioglu) #23

Deadline to register to attend was yesterday. Is there still room available or am I too late? A colleague of mine would also like to join so asking for two :slight_smile:

(Jamie Morton) #24

Just sign up! :slight_smile:

(Toan Hong) #25

Do I need to sign up for the live stream? Thanks

(Josh Espinoza) #26

Did you ever find out if it was going to be recorded or not?

(L.Ma) #27

Great! I will join remotely

(Rosana Polifroni) #28

Hi!! Am I yet on time to attend by webinar to the symposium? Wich is the web site where I should go enter? I am in Argentina

(Evan Bolyen) #29

The schedule has the Zoom links. I just installed it on Arch Linux (I’m really impressed by how universal their software appears to be).

It also looks like you can record, assuming permissions are granted.

It starts this Thursday, check the schedule above :slight_smile:

(Rosana Polifroni) #30

I didn´t realise that it was the link!!! It is great!!! Thank you.


do we need to sign up for the live stream?

(Jamie Morton) #32

No - but if you do, specifying if you will be attending remotely will help so that we can get an accurate estimate for coffee


I noticed there is a smaller session today right now (4pm), so I tried connecting to Zoom, but I’m not seeing any video.



i’m really happy about this symposium!
I’ll join you online from germany. :slight_smile:

For others in germany/europe:
It’ll start at 00:30 MESZ/UTC +2 (21.06.2018)
and at 17:00 MESZ/UTC+2 (22.06.2018)


(Matthew Ryan Dillon) #35

Hi @jjmmii - those dates and times listed are UTC-7, so the first afternoon session starts today - you didn’t miss anything!

(Jamie Morton) #36

@jjmmii We will be starting in about 5 hours! The talks will also be recorded and posted at a later date.

(Henrik Eckermann) #37

Thanks a lot for recording! Because I otherwise I would have to stay awake a very long time! Have a lot of fun in the live workshop! I will definitively check these videos later, so please post them!

(Yanxian Li) #38

So glad to hear that the talks will be recorded as well!


Thank you for the record! I am in Europe and a bit worry if I can stay awake for today session! Thanks a lot!

(Raj Sasidharan) #40

Hi Jamie,

For today, is there something between 3-3:30? There is this info:
Thursday (3 - 5 pm) June 21 (Calit2 Atkinson Hall Auditorium)
while the agenda says the first speaker (Shyamal Peddada) starts at 3:30. Please clarify. Thanks!


Can I sign up now? Will it be too late? Thank you!