Unweighted Unifrac analysis returns wrong sample sizes


I have a problem similar to the one in this topic : Unweighted Unifrac Significance Analysis where the solution wasn't brought.

I'm running this script :
qiime diversity beta-group-significance
--i-distance-matrix core-metrics-results/unweighted_unifrac_distance_matrix.qza
--m-metadata-file caecummetadata.txt
--m-metadata-column genotype
--o-visualization core-metrics-results/unweighted-unifrac-subject-group-signficicance.qzv

I'm should get 2 groups each with n=5 but i have a group with n=10 and a group with n=25.

Since it was asked in the other topic, i'm linking the files concerned.
caecummetadata.txt (3.3 KB)
unweighted_unifrac_distance_matrix.qza (31.4 KB)

Based on your files, these numbers are correct. Those numbers are not N for each group, it is N of pairwise comparisons between samples in those categories (e.g., WT vs. WT, WT vs. HFE). See this post: Unifrac Significant Group over-inflating n's

I hope that helps!

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