Unable to import paired end sequence data in the moving pictures tutorial in Qiime 2

Hello I am a beginner in learning Bioinfomatics and Microbiology. So I am learning Qiime and currently in the moving pictures tutorial. But I am unable to import the paired end sequence data following the information in the webpage.


Can anyone provide some suggestions.


Welcome! This is a great place to get started, thanks for posting your question!

After reading the error message, did you check if there was a file called barcodes.fastq.gz in the folder you were trying to import? If not, I would start there!

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Hello, Thank you for your reply.

I downloaded the data from wget by using the wget command. So where
am I supposed to look for the file.


Well - let's take a look at the command you ran --- the --input-path was listed as a folder named "emp-paired-end-sequence" - that is where I would start! Similarly, the wget commands reference downloading the files into a directory called "emp-paired-end-sequence".

Hope that helps! :qiime2:


If you need help using the terminal try this tutorial I made for people wanting to use qiime2


Thank you Warren

I will have a look

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