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I was teaching QIIME2 at SDSU and the tutorial link I used was for the latest version, but all the students have the previous version of the software. We had to search for the old tutorial.

One suggestion would be to have a permanent link to the latest version of the tutorial, and perhaps a link to the older tutorial version (like an archive).

For example, instead of
https://docs.qiime2.org/2017.6/tutorials/ it should

Just a suggesting. -Scott

Hi @Scott_Kelley!

Sorry to hear that! Does that mean you had to search in a search engine (e.g. Google), or within the docs site itself?

We are interested in supporting a stable URL scheme in the near future, but at this point we are sticking with wholesale versioning of the docs, since things are changing so rapidly on our end (this helps us prevent link-rot). Our current workaround for this is a version-picker on the sidebar of the docs:

Do you think there is something we could do in the short-term to make that version-picker more user-friendly? As I mentioned above, I think we are all on board with stable URLs (as you have suggested above!), we just aren't sure exactly when that might land, so any stop-gap tweaks would be really helpful! Thanks!

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