Trouble importing a TSV taxonomy file

Hi there!

I am trying to import a taxonomy file in the TSV format to qiime.

Here is what I ran:

$ qiime tools import --input-path '/home/dh103/Documents/Greta/fingerprint-microbiome-project/fingerprint-OTU-count-table - taxonomy.tsv' --output-path taxonomy.qza --type FeatureData[Taxonomy]

and this is the error I have received:

here was a problem importing /home/dh103/Documents/Greta/fingerprint-microbiome-project/fingerprint-OTU-count-table - taxonomy.tsv:

/home/dh103/Documents/Greta/fingerprint-microbiome-project/fingerprint-OTU-count-table - taxonomy.tsv is not a(n) TSVTaxonomyFormat file:

['Feature ID', 'Taxon'] must be the first two header values. The first two header values provided are: [' "Feature ID" ', ' "Taxon" '] (on line 1).

This is probably a simple formatting fix, but I cannot figure it out.

Thank you for your time and any guidance in advance!

Based on the error message, it looks like you included "" symbols in the column names. If it is right, could you try to remove it, so names would be Feature ID and Taxon without any "".


Hello Timur!

Thank you for your response. I am confused because I have not included any symbols in the column names. I named column 1 Feature ID and column 2 Taxon without any spaces or " symbols.

I am wondering if this has something to do with the file settings?

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