trimmed_exact.qza in ITSxpress

Hi Adam

I have a ‘beginners question’.

What is the second ITSxpress code for (the one below)? The trimmed_exact.qza file isn’t mentioned nor used again. This might be self-explanatory if I were using your data but I’m using my own data.

qiime itsxpress trim-pair-output-unmerged\
  --i-per-sample-sequences sequences.qza \
  --p-region ITS1 \
  --p-taxa F \
  --p-cluster-id 1.0 \
  --p-threads 2 \
  --o-trimmed trimmed_exact.qza


Sorry, it was unclear, the tutorial splits in two here. Since --p-cluster-id is set to 1.0 I called the output trimmed_exact.qza. If the --p-cluster-id is less than 1.0 (it is 0.995 by default) then I called the output trimmed.qza. You can just follow the rest of the tutorial using the trimmed.qza file. We are finally working on updating the tutorial so we will make this clearer in the new version.