Train the naive_bayes classifier

Hello. I have been running the tutorial for training feature classifiers using qstudio. I imported the files and extracted the reads, but the train naive_bayse classifier job has been running for two weeks now. I am running on a virtual machine with 8 GB allocated. The job says it is still active, but two weeks seems exceptionally long, especially for a tutorial. I don’t know how to access any logs in qstudio to verify if this job is actually still good. I hate to terminate it if the job really is active, but…

Should this job really be taking this long?

Hi @Heather_E - are you running the Training Feature Classifiers Tutorial with the tutorial data, or with your own data? If you are running it with the tutorial data, then something has certainly gone wrong. Checking the provenance from the tutorial data:

duration: 9 seconds...

So that means that when we generated that file for the docs, the command took less than 10 seconds to run using the tutorial dataset.

If you aren't using the tutorial dataset, can you provide us with some details about what you have done to this point?

Thanks! :t_rex:

I was using the Tutorial data. So something definitely went wrong. I will close it out and try again. Thanks for your response

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