Tracking which ASV is from which sample

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I’m currently having an issue with identifying which samples a particular ASV has arisen from. Within my normal metabarcoding analysis (following moving pictures tutorial) I produce multiple ASVs that after taxonomic classification are all assigned as ‘Hepatozoon spp.’, when moving forward with this analysis to generate bar plots, all the ASVs classified as Hepatozoon are lumped together and I can therefore see which samples contain this pathogen. However, within ASVs identified as Hepatozoon there is some additional diversity, one ASV is particularly interesting and I want to be able to know which sample it came from to be able to conduct some further experiments.

When looking through the user documentation on filtering and retaining samples I cannot seem to find a way of filtering out sequences based on their Qiime2 assigned Feature ID alone. I have looked at work arounds including trying to filter tables based on minimum and maximum read counts around the exact count of my feature ID of interest, nonetheless this has not worked either.

Is there a way I can trace which Feature ID (and therefore which particular ASV) is from which sample?

I am running qiime2 version: qiime2-2018.8, in the conda environment.

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See this tutorial but use a feature ID and filter-features instead of the sample filtering example shown.

Let us know if that helps!

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