Time for DADA2 process

Hello, I´m Vicky again!

A few days ago I received my .fastq.gz files from the V3-V4 region, the sequencing was done in a NextSeq. The demultiplexing step took about 2 hrs, and we decided to cut at 240 bp to do DADA2, it has been running for more than 48 hrs and does not finish yet.

I have 56 samples and the input file of DADA2 has 11.1G, do you think that by the gigabytes, quality and number of samples it takes much longer? I’m working on a cluster or server, which has more memory than a local computer.

I am not surprised at all that dataset 11 Gb in size is taking more than 2 days to be complete - this size means that there are a lot of sequences to process.
What surprise me is that you have only 56 samples - usually my samples from NextSeq and in the same number are much lighter (1-2 gb or less).


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Are you think there’s a mistake in the FASTQ documents that loaded in my BaseSpace? :smiling_face_with_tear:

Thank’s ! :hugs:

No, I just surprised by the size of the library, but it is not necessarily an error.