there is no package called ‘castor’

Hello all,

I’m trying to download PICRUSt2 on Google Colab. My notebook is here. I keep getting the error “there is no package called ‘castor’” when I run pytest and I’m not sure why. I’m wondering if anyone could help.

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I have reclassified your topic as “other bioinformatics tools” because picrust2 is not part of QIIME 2. @gmdouglas may be able to help, but for stand-alone picrust2 (as opposed to the QIIME 2 plugin), there might be a different support forum that the picrust2 developers prefer.

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Thanks @gmdouglas!

@Audric_L please do not cross-post — it is against the QIIME 2 forum code of conduct and causes duplicated effort/wasted time. Thank you!