The concept of co-occurrence network structure

As below, the spearman value is squared.

The original rho value of spearman is -1 to +1 as you know.

Does that mean modules appear when the microbiota structure has strong relationship each other disregarding positive or negative correlation ?

Or just the positive relationship (Considering they occur together) in the network ?

I am confused about the concept and interpretation.

Plz help me.

Hi @SingeunOh,
My interpretation is that a positive value means that those microbes often co-occur together and a negative value means that those microbes are not seen frequently co-occuring together.
Does that clarify your interpretation?


Thank you, if the figure name is co-occurence graph, then may I understand that the appeared microbes in the module have positively correlated ? (It means the figure only shows positive relationship?) - I am confused because the author used R squared value which means it automatically remove the original direction of the value.

Hi @SingeunOh,
The specifics of the graphs are hard for me to interpret out of context. This might be only positively correlated values but again hard to know without looking more into the paper, figure legend and methods :person_shrugging:

I am not sure how the authors used this R squared value out of context as well.