taxonomical assignment doubts

Hi! Excuse me, but I’m not sure if this question fits in this category, I’m a new user and I have some doubs about taxonomical assignment.

I want to use the PR2 database. Training a classifier is the only option?

On the other hand, I was wondering if the pre-trained classifier that can be found in the Qiime2 website:

Silva 138 99% OTUs full-length sequences]( (MD5: fddefff8bfa2bbfa08b9cad36bcdf709 )

contains sequences from 16S only, or 16S +18S.

Thank you so much!

Hi @SaraGajas,

You can download and import the files from PR2 into QIIME 2. I’ve not done this myself, but you can check out many of the PR2 threads on the forum.

You have other options to classify your data, such as BLAST or vsearch.

Yes, SILVA contains both 16S and 18S SSU references.


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