Taxonomic classification error using EzBioCloud classifier


A problem occurred during Qiime artifact taxnomic analysis using the EzBioCloud 16S database, so i have a query.

In addition to SILVA and Greengenes provided by qiime2, I requested a 16S database file last week because I wanted to use the EzBioCloud database, and I received the fasta and tsv files accordingly and succeeded in creating the classifier.qza file.
However, after performing taxonomic analysis with rep-seqs.qza, all features in my samples are
'Bacteria;Proteobacteria;Deltaproteobacteria;Desulfobacterales;Desulfobacteraceae;Desulfamplus;Desulfobacterium niacini'.

In other databases, various bacteria are classified, but when I turned to the EzBioCloud 16S database, the results were confirmed as only a single species as above.
Other qiime2 forum posts related to this are shared as follows.

In the case of my data, it is paired-end-sequencing, so I did not specify max length or trunc during extract-reads as in the answer above, but I would appreciate it if you could refer to it.

Thank you.

Hi @yonghyun09 ,
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Give it a try. The topic that you linked to gives the solution.

Good luck!

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