Taxonomic assignment for 28S sequences

Hi, I am looking into how to do a taxonomic assignment on my 28S data. It is hard to find any information on this as most people use 16S or 18S. I thought I could try qiime feature-classifier classify-consensus-blast and use the pre formatted silva database in the resources but it looks like that is only for 16S and 18S. How would I make a database for 28S. Is Silva the best database to use for 28S or would blast be better? I am also not sure whether it would be better to use sklearn and train classifier in this case.
Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @avtober,

If you search the forum you’ll find several threads on obtaining and formatting SILVA LSU data for QIIME 2. Here is one of the more recent threads:

-Good Luck!

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Hi @SoilRotifer thank you for pointing out those threads, I will have a read.