Taxa Bar Pot can't be viewed


I want to produces an interactive bar plot visualization of taxonomies.
And I follow the command line,
qiime taxa barplot
–i-table rarefied_table.qza \ # otu and sample information
–i-taxonomy taxonomy.qza \ # otus and taxonomy information
–m-metadata-file metadata_cleaned.tsv \ # cleaned metadata, around 10,000 samples.
–o-visualization taxa_bar_plots.qzv

The qzv can be generated without any error. But It cannot be viewed.

Aw, Snap!
Something went wrong while displaying this webpage.

When I upload the page,
Error: This was a temporary page and is not shareable. To share QIIME 2 Artifacts and Visualizations, please upload your file to a file hosting service and provide the resulting URL to the home screen of this application.

I am confused about that.
Thanks a lot.

Hi @pumpkin,

What browser are you using? It’s possible that the barplot is simply too large of an SVG to be rendered :frowning:

Does running qiime tools view taxa_bar_plots.qzv say anything different in your browser?

q2view (the website you are on) doesn’t host any of the data, nor does it really have a server to inspect it, instead it sends your browser the code to do all of that work on it’s own. That means that its URLs aren’t exactly real locations, but something that is made up on the fly based on your own computer’s data. If you upload your artifact/visualization elsewhere, then you can share a link that knows how to fetch the data again, but it’s really just a shortcut.

However, you should be able to upload your qzv on this forum, if your metadata doesn’t have sensitive information :slight_smile:

Hi ebolyen,
Thanks for your reply. The problems have been solved. I can not view the plot if I just drop the file directly. But when I choose to click here and show the path, everything goes well!:joy:

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