Taxa-bar-plot legend -- download SVG only fragments viewed

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HI, Good day,
Could you help me with the legend bars export to word or another software?

How to fully viewed all the legends?
Thank you.

Hey there @doudou2047!


You can click the button "SVG (legend)" to download the legend image.

Do you mean for each taxonomic level? If so, you would need to cycle through each level and download the legend each time.

Hi, @thermokarst
Thank you for your response.
Actually, the figure I posted is the SVG file when inserting into word/ppt/ Inkscape.
Maybe I should not insert the SVG file directly.right?
Thank you.

I don’t understand the question - sorry!

Sounds like you got your figures out of QIIME 2 and into some other software - success! Unfortunately, we can’t provide help for that other software - we aren’t experts when it comes to Inkscape or Microsoft Office.

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