[suggestion] Dada2 help message

Hey there,
Just wanted to suggest developers to include some information in the help message for Dada2 regarding the number of output rep-seqs. Mainly that it can output fewer reads and that is not a feature-issue but more likely something related to failure in merging step etc.

I’ve had this question in the beggining and spent some time trying to understang plus people here have helped me finding out a solution. And it’s kind a everyday topic around.

I feel like this is a common issue for new users (like me) and people are going to be in panic :slight_smile: after a faillure in Dada2 and, of course, will come here looking for hints to solve it. So, printing something like: “if Dada2 outputs few rep-seqs check the Qiime2 forum for the many related discussions” could point them to look for a solution that I believe they are going to easily find.


Hey there @lca123 - I think that going to the forum for help is generally the strategy that we recommend --- I am not sure that this case necessarily warrants special consideration, but I could probably be convinced! For example, check out the docs entry:

Do you think that is enough, or something else needs to be done? Thanks for chatting about this and bringing it up in the first place!

Hey Thermokarst,
Thanks for replying.
I agree the suggestion for going to the forum is the correct, but I still think people get really surprised with the results (when they find a few reads in the output) and create a new post instead of looking for some answer in this case.