strange result of weight unifrac

Dear Colleagues
Itried to read lot on internet how to interpret this weighted unifrac result but failed to get an appropriate explanation. therefore, I request your help in explaining this strange weighted unifrac result. The analysis went fine. But as you can see that Axis 1 is 91% where Axis 2 and 3 are each less than 1%.
I wish you can refer me to a good tutorial to explain this dilemma.

In this case, I think Axis 1 is so large as it explains the huge variation between most of your samples and the single outlier in the upper right corner.

Try removing that outlyer, then rerunning the beta diversity analysis.
(Bonus! When you take out that outlier, you will see much better separation between your normal samples!)


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Hi Colin thanks a lot. Following your suggestion made some reasonable improvement in the output files.

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