Songbird negative values

Hello, I ran into an issue using Songbird in Qiime2. Previously I was evaluating features at a single timepoint and now I am evaluating the change in features from baseline to 6 months in the study. The change in features means that I am working with negative values but this doesn't seem to work with songbird. Does it in fact not work with negatives or am I getting an error for a different reason?

  • Using qiime2-2020.6 installed with conda

  • Used the following command
    qiime songbird multinomial
    --i-table mm_seqs_noblank_mom_change.qza
    --m-metadata-file songbirdData_Av.txt
    --p-formula "DII_Mom"
    --p-epochs 10000
    --p-differential-prior 0.5
    --p-summary-interval 1
    --o-differentials mm_differentials-aDII_change.qza
    --o-regression-stats mm_regression-aDII_change.qza
    --o-regression-biplot mm_biplot-aDII_change.qza

  • Error message
    NumericMetadataColumn does not support positive or negative infinity as a floating point value in column 'loss'.

Thank you!!

hmmm. odd. If you are getting positive / negative infinity values in your loss, then there is probably something messed up with your fit.

If you included a few values in your metadata, that could help with debugging.

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