Small suggestion about volatility plot from the Longitudinal 2018.8

I collapsed my feature table on the 7 level and received in the Longitudinal output volatility plot with taxa instead of unique features IDs. I can sort features according different parameters and I can download the list, but it would be very convenient to be able to copy taxa from metric column (from the right side) to perform quick search. Also it would be great to be able to search for feature of your interest in that column - at this moment we have the list of features in the metric column (right side) and you need to scroll through all the list to find some specific one. So if it was possible just type part of IDs or taxa to narrow the list it would be great asset for analyzing results.
Thank you again for great work


Thanks for the suggestion @timanix! I have opened an issue to track progress on this.

I am not entirely sure what you mean by this. Where would you like to search with that term? Please clarify — maybe add a screenshot if it makes sense. Thanks!

Sorry for the poor description, I meant that, for example, I saw feature in that plot that interested me in some way, by decreasing or increasing over time, but all I can see is ID of this feature, which consist of lots of symbols, and I can’t copy only this ID from the plot separately to check this feature in my table. In my case, I collapsed table to the taxonimical level and it is easier to search for that feature, but if table isn’t collapsed it would be very annoying to search for that concrete feature outside of the plot.
Thanks a lot for your answer!

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thanks @timanix! I have raised a second issue to track that feature request. Thanks!

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