Simpson's index in qiime2


Just a simple question. May I know which Simpson's indices is used in qiime2? Is it the D, which means 0 represents infinite diversity and 1 is no diversity? Or is it the 1-D, which means 0 is no diversity and 1 is the infinite diversity? Thank you!


Hi @Yuhong,
Looks like it is 1-D. See here:


Great! Thank you Nicholas.

Hi Yuhong,

I also have the same concern. Is the out put result is D or 1-D, if is D, it means conventional Simpson. If it is 1-D, it is Gini-Simpson Index,
In my calculation, if I take the output as 1/out put results (known as inverse Simpson Index), it will be inverse with the shannon index results. Did you check the results, whether the output is D or 1-D,

Thank you,
Le Phuong Nguyen.

Hi Le Phuong,

I think based on above Nicholas's reply and the link provided, the index is 1-D.
But I haven't checked it in the latest version of Qiime2. Maybe check the Simpson's index and other alpha diversity index, like Shannon, on some of your samples to see if the results are consistent?


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