SILVA database issue

Dear, All

I conducted a taxonomy analysis using SILVA Databse and the results seemed confusing to me.

I found that Parasutterella belonged to the genus of the Burkholderiaceae family based on SILVA, whereas I found it belonging to Sutterellaceae family based on some studies and other databases.

So, I wish to have your advice on the dispcrepancy.


Gyusik Hwang

Microbial taxonomy is always in flux and various databases have trouble maintaining and curating this information.

New taxonomic organizations have been happening frequently these days. Take a look at this example from 2011: Parasutterella secunda sp. nov., isolated from human faeces and proposal of Sutterellaceae fam. nov. in the order Burkholderiales.

You can read more about taxonomy curation issues here:



It helped me a lot to solve the question.

Thank you very much! :+1: :+1:

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