Serving QIIME from a linux desktop

Hi @Lotte, is your QIIME server could be accessed by multi user?
I’ve installed QIIME as admin on Linux PC (Linux Mint 19.04 LTS), but I still can’t get other users activate the QIIME via their own account (I’ve made some user accounts (not admin) on the Linux desktop).
Is there any other settings that can make other users can activate QIIME?


Hi @didietkeren - I am moving this post to “Other Bioinformatics Tools”, since this isn’t related to QIIME 2, specifically. Since QIIME 2 is using conda environments, I suggest you look into setting up a multi-user deployment of conda:

Thank you for the information, I will try this.
If there anyone who already make this job successfull, please infrom the exact procedure to make it easier for all QIIME2 users.
Happy QIIMEing.