Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Hi everyone. I've got an error called segmentation fault (core dumped) when i was trying to train classifier Naive Bayes. How to fix it? I installed the lastest version of miniconda 3 and python. I have 123gb free space. I also tried to read others post but still can't fix it.

How much RAM does your machine have? And how much is allocated to the Virtual Machine? The "core dumped" msg here likely means that you have exhausted all available memory (RAM; this is different from disk space).


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Thank you, i equipped 4gb ram for my laptop.

That is going to be a problem, training a Silva classifier usually takes ~64 GB of RAM. You can use a pre-computed classifier here:

Otherwise, you'll need access to a machine with significantly more RAM.


thank you for your reply. So minimum ram must be 64GB right? any suggest for CPU?

Hi @annguyen9724!

For the SILVA database, generally I say "yes," although there are no absolute rules here.

I have no suggestions - this particular step is primarily memory-bound, as far as I can recall.

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